Martin Advises Young Entrepreneurs on Risk for Citi Global Community Day

Citi Global Community DayDavid X Martin was one of more than 100,000 volunteers who participated in Citi's Global Community Day activities that ranged from mentoring youth to supporting local parks. As a member of the Citi Alumni Network, Martin recorded a five-minute video with simple yet valuable advice for 16- to 30-year-old entrepreneurs in the Ye! Community.

"I like to define risk as 'the absence of information.''' Martin tells in a story. "There's nothing wrong with risk -- as long as it's managed.''

He goes on to suggest a framework for entrepreneurs to continually assess their position in regard to risk and how to make decisions. And it's key for entrepreneurs to recognize that change is a key aspect of entrepreneurship.

Watch the video on the Ye! website or on Facebook.