The New Paradigm In Cybersecurity

By Kevin R. Brock and David X Martin
The term “Cyber Security” is starting to sound like an oxymoron. The amped up rhetoric around growth of threats and vulnerabilities makes it feel like this may be a problem without a solution. At a recent cybercrime conference, sponsored by the FBI and Fordham University, the mood seemed almost apocalyptic. Senior executives from law enforcement, from the military, and even the White House proclaimed that, despite all defensive efforts, the cyber threat was becoming “existential” and “more worrisome” than the terrorism threat. Not feeling panicky yet? It also represents the “greatest potential transfer of wealth in history.” Whew.

Now what do we do?

Kevin R. Brock is a retired FBI Agent who served as Assistant Director over the
FBI’s Directorate of Intelligence as well as Principal Deputy Director of the National
Counterterrorism Center. He currently consults on law enforcement, intelligence,
and cyber security matters in Northern Virginia.