New book introduces CyRM

Cyber Risk Management is an approach to futureproof business growth. David's new book for CEOs, CROs, CISOs, and BoDs shows how to implement this new paradigm. CyRM: Mastering the Management of Cybersecurity is available through this website for 20% off for a limited time.

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Cybersecurity Glossary

Learn the lingo and major concepts of Cyberwellness to help assess where your cybersecurity strategy stands and how to shift from a defensive protocol to an offensive competitive edge. From Access Controls and Botnets to Spyware and Vulnerabilities, it's all here.

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"In a crisis, the only thing people remember when it comes to judgment calls is the outcome. A good outcome is usually the result of a well considered, disciplined process, reflecting collective wisdom, and commitment to results."
- David X Martin in "For Corporate Boards: A Cybersecurity Top 10," published by GARP, August 2017.

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