David X Martin
David X Martin

"I am passionate about helping business leaders sleep better at night – by equipping them with critical cyber risk management tools that protect their enterprises while enhancing strategic business growth." -David X Martin

About David X Martin
His 40-year career as a senior financial executive includes senior positions at PwC, Citibank and AllianceBernstein. In addition to creating successful strategies for risk management and cybersecurity, Mr. Martin has served expert witness to provide testimony in high level cases. He's also an avid writer, speaker and university lecturer who has served on multiple boards of directors. Highlights:


  • Co-chaired a public/private initiative with the FBI and major corporations on intelligence sharing and best practices.
  • Consulted for the Central Bank of Israel on cyber security audits of financial institutions.
  • Chaired an information security committee for a public corporation.
  • Co-chaired a Council of Directors and CROs that developed "Guiding Risk Principles for Cyber Risk Governance."
  • Senior advisor on cybersecurity for Oliver Wyman and to boards of major corporations.
  • Authored numerous articles on innovative approaches to managing cybersecurity.
  • Holds extensive ties to the Israeli technology industry.

Risk Management

  • Serves as an acknowledged expert on risk management.
  • Founding chairman of the Investment Company Institute’s Risk Committee and co-chair of the Buy Side Risk Committee, which is composed of the Chief Risk Officers from the 20 largest asset management firms.
  • Adjunct Professor at the NYU and Fordham graduate schools of business.
  • Author of Risk and the Smart Investor (McGraw Hill, 2010) and The Nature of Risk  (Amazon, 2012).

While at AllianceBernstein, he served both as Chief Risk Officer and a Director of Sanford Bernstein LLC. Mr. Martin has participated in many industry conferences as a featured speaker and expert panel member, and has provided market commentary for Bloomberg Television. At Citibank working with the CEO, he developed and implemented the first comprehensive process of enterprise-wide risk management for a major financial institution.

Mr. Martin has extensive experience providing expert witness testimony.  He also is an acknowledged expert on valuation issues having chaired the Alliance Bernstein valuation committee during the crisis. Mr. Martin has extensive experience in investment strategies and operations, hedge fund practices, quantitative research, exchanges and supervising trading desks. He was asked by the Russian government to help develop the stock exchanges in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. He has lectured at the SEC on stress testing and was an advisor to the Mayor of Shanghai on global trade.

He also currently serves as a member of the Sanctions Subcommittee of the US Department of State’s Advisory Committee on International Economy Policy and as a Special Counselor to the Center for Financial Stability on cyber security and emerging risks.

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"In a crisis, the only thing people remember when it comes to judgment calls is the outcome. A good outcome is usually the result of a well considered, disciplined process, reflecting collective wisdom, and commitment to results."
- David X Martin in "For Corporate Boards: A Cybersecurity Top 10," published by GARP, August 2017.

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