Depth of experience across risk management, cyber security and valuation combine with a philosophy of developing holistic systems around people and processes for business performance and resilience. David X Martin offers trust, credibility and confidence.

  • Chief Risk Officer, published author and leading expert on cyber risk management
  • Visionary leader known for creating and building premier risk and fiduciary organizations
  • Analytics-grounded as a CPA with a Big 4 and experience with top tier financial institutions
  • Consulting and senior advisory roles for the FBI, SEC and for large, complex, global companies

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Senior advisor to boards and senior management (CISO, CRO) such as FBI, Bank of Israel and Oliver Wyman.


Expert witness on cyber risk cases. A recent case involved the SEC.

Board Director

Providing cyber security, risk, audit and investor perspectives for large entities, and new product innovation, global expansion and managerial guidance for start-ups.

"There are no offensive strategies in cyber security — only defensive strategies."
- David X Martin in "For Corporate Boards: A Cybersecurity Top 10," published by GARP, August 2017.

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