CyRM Mastering the management of cybersecurity by David X Martin

CyRM: Mastering the Management of Cybersecurity
By David X Martin
Part of the
Internal Audit & IT Audit seriesby CRC Press, a division of Taylor & Francis Group
April 2021
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This is the must-read for CEOs, CROs and CISOs who are ambitious about the business growth. It simply cannot happen if Cyber Risk Management isn’t baked into your strategy.

David’s third book is the culmination of wisdom gained throughout a career in strategic leadership, risk management and cybersecurity for the likes of PwCCitibank and AllianceBernstein, among other leading institutions.

“Getting cybersecurity right is all too often an afterthought for Fortune 500 firms, bolted on with hopes of creating a secure environment,” David says. “We all know this approach doesn’t work because cybersecurity is not just a tech issue — it’s a management issue, a leadership issue, a strategy issue; it’s a survival issue. Business leaders and IT managers alike need a new paradigm to work together and succeed.

“What should a smart enterprise do to stay safe? Practice a management approach that brings together business strategy, risk management and cyberwellness to futureproof growth. I call this CyRM℠.”

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“Cyber risk management is much more than technology. It is core to business strategy and grounded in culture. This is the key message of David X Martin’s excellent and very timely book which is packed with his insights. Rich in both reflection and practical advice, this is essential reading for board members and executive leaders confronting the new uncertainties of our post-pandemic world.”

Michael Power, London School of Economics and Political Science

“Today’s board directors face an incredible challenge: How to secure the company’s data assets while the incidence of cybercrime is going through the roof. David X Martin’s latest book tackles this essential question and offers a solid plan to ensure top leaders continue to manage risks while still leveraging technology for growth.”

James M. Kerr, top management advisor and author of Indispensable: How To Build and Lead A Company Customers Can’t Live Without

“David X Martin does the seemingly impossible. He shows how cyber security is not a cost but a competitive advantage. His book is fascinating and offers essential guidance to any C-level executive who needs to keep data secure — and that’s every CEO.”

New York Times best selling author Michael Levin

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