Three steps to effective governance

Cyber risk is not managed in a silo. Discussions should be part of all management processes, such as new product approvals and third-party outsourcing arrangements.

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David recently spoke on cultivating cyber wellness at Security Leaders Summit in New York City, among other events. He's positioned to cover all aspects of cyber risk management as a business strategy.

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Cybersecurity Glossary

Learn the lingo -- from Access Controls to Vulnerabilities -- and the major concepts of cyber wellness with David's definitions and  guidelines. It will help you assess where your cybersecurity strategy stands.

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"In a crisis, the only thing people remember when it comes to judgment calls is the outcome. A good outcome is usually the result of a well considered, disciplined process, reflecting collective wisdom, and commitment to results."
- David X Martin in "For Corporate Boards: A Cybersecurity Top 10," published by GARP, August 2017.

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