"Just as public health systems switched from reacting to disease to proactively focusing on prevention, CyberWellness is about making proactive choices across multiple dimensions of cyber-defense, response, and governance." -David X Martin

David X Martin
David X Martin

Cyber risk management goes beyond cyber security.
It's the next evolution in enterprise technology risk.

Cyber Risk Management is the process of managing risk associated with the use of digital technologies. The objective is to:
  • Build cyber resiliency into an organizations systems and operations to prevent and detect cyber threats, and
  • Respond to cyber events in a way that minimizes business disruption and financial loss.


"The biggest cyber security vulnerability in the future will be between employees’ fingers and their computers — in other words, the human element in an Internet of Everything world."
- David X Martin in "For Corporate Boards: A Cybersecurity Top 10," published by GARP, August 2017.

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