Cybersecurity Glossary: Network Security

In its simplest form, network security refers to a set of rules and configurations designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of computer networks and data using both software and hardware technologies.

Every organization, regardless of size, industry or infrastructure, requires a
degree of network security solutions in place to protect it from the ever-growing landscape of cyber threats in the wild today.

Today’s network architecture is complex and is faced with an ever-changing threat environment surrounded by attackers who are always trying to find and exploit vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can exist in a broad
number of areas, including devices, data, applications, users and locations.

For this reason, there are many network security management tools and applications in use today that address individual threats and exploits and
also regulatory non-compliance. When just a few minutes of downtime can cause widespread disruption, it’s essential that these protection measures are in place.

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