Interview: How boards can increase engagement on cybersecurity

Excerpt of interview with David X Martin by Corporate Board Member

By Gabriel Perna, Corporate Board Member

Boards can no longer relegate cybersecurity to the IT department—but how exactly do they get engaged with people on the frontlines?

To get some clarity, Corporate Board Member talked with David X. Martin, author of The Nature of Risk and co-chair of The Directors and Chief Risk Officers Group. Martin talked with us about how boards can make cybersecurity not just something they check the box on, but a strategic advantage. He also talked about a few steps boards can take to increase their level engagement around cybersecurity.

Below is an excerpt this conversation.

How can boards help make cybersecurity a strategic advantage for their organization? 

Companies need to factor cybersecurity into new product offerings.  Tighter communication and collaboration between business partners and customers will be facilitated through advances in access management / federation. New solutions will be developed for better web access management, federated identity, social and mobile support and adaptive authentication. These new solutions will need to be incorporated into how new products reach and are used by customers.

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