Digital discussions on-going through lockdown

David X Martin participated in digital conversations throughout the lockdown period and more are planned. Here's a round-up of the DCRO podcast, Ye! Community webinar, a private webinar with a litigation services company, and is preparing to speak on "Cybersecurity as a Business Strategy in the Digital Age" at the World Finance Council virtual conference in September.

Next event: How to make difficult risk decisions, July 3, online
David X Martin guests on the FinTech4Good Venture University Advisor series webinar on making difficult risk decisions.  The series is a collaboration of FinTech4Good and World Digital Economy Council. Book your spot now for the online event at 3 p.m. ET on July 3.

Overview: Making difficult risk decisions is comparable to kissing a rattlesnake. It is never fun and can be fatal. But, the more you systematically consider what’s really important to you, what information is missing, what the collective wisdom is telling you – and you make a commit to evaluating what is my downside relative to what is really important to me – the better your decisions will be. Learn more from a top risk management expert, David X Martin, a FinTech4Good Advisor, in our show.

Available for replay on-demand:

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The DCRO Risk Governance Podcast: David X Martin and Roel Campos discuss cyber risk governance and the DCRO Guiding Principles for Cyber Risk Governance. They co-chaired that DCRO governance council's work in 2018. This is a re-broadcast of an interview from July 18, 2018, although the content is as current today as it was then.

Ye! Community
Coping with COVID-19 Episode 3_On Leadership Mistakes in Crisis and How to Learn from Them
Episode 3 of the International Trade Center's Youth and Trade Programme Coping with COVID-19 webinar series. This webinar series connects Ye! Community experts, specialized in risk management, business and financial planning with youth entrepreneurs to support them with key insights during the COVID-19 pandemic. This episode features Cyber Security and Risk Management Expert, David X Martin who has 30+ years experience leading companies like PwC, Citi, and AllianceBernstein.

About Ye! (initiated by Child & Youth Finance International and powered by the International Trade Centre) is an entrepreneurship platform that provides an online community, country guides, coaching and funding opportunities to young entrepreneurs between the ages of 16 and 35.