The New Risk Paradigm for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Excerpt from Fedcap, a national not-for-profit committed to creating opportunities for people with barriers to economic wellbeing. Christine McMahon is president of Fedcap Rehabilitation Services.

Essential Questions Senior Management Must Answer

By Christine McMahon and David X Martin

In the past few decades, the business landscape for the larger, more complex, not-for-profits that provide social services has changed dramatically … As a result, senior management of not-for-profits is faced with a somewhat new and daunting challenge: the need to create an infrastructure capable of synthesizing vast amounts of information, connecting the dots across a myriad of programs, and simultaneously integrating business strategy, goals, and risk management.

Risk management, whether adapted to for-profit or not-for-profit enterprises, requires a forward looking approach — one that is integrated with business strategies and goals to achieve measurable results in a continually changing environment.

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