Why Accounting Firms Should be Practicing CyberWellness

Excerpt from AccountingWeb.com

By David X Martin

When it comes to cyber security, it’s no longer a question if your firm will be attacked – it’s a question of when. This article is a brief introduction to the concept of CyberWellness for accounting firms.

Today’s business world is becoming ever more interconnected, bringing new opportunities and creating new vulnerabilities. New threats are emerging are emerging every day – not just from people, but from a widening attack surface and enhanced communications.

As an accounting professional, you and your staff have access to highly sensitive data. And unfortunately, bad actors have the ability to track people using their mobile phones and even their Fitbits. They can hack your laptop and your car, watch, TV and hearing aids. In short: Yes, increasing Internet connectivity is making life easier, but it’s also creating more ways for criminals to get into your and your clients’ information. And according to experts, instead of a cyber attack that deletes or releases stolen data, the next wave of attacks will merely change digital data to compromise its integrity so that, for example, all the tax return data in your systems are no longer correct.

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